User Experience Design (UX)

By August 18th 2016 8:55 am
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What is User Experience Design (UX)

Digital media Interactivity has grown significantly in the last few years, especially for web and mobile applications. It makes the companies have to considered it as the effective and efficient media to communicate with their target/consumer. Based on that, design has to expand its many roles, not only to by making the product beautiful but by making it usable and useful as well..

Nowadays, design was demanded to create a positive perceptions from  the user’s perspective. These perceptions include effectiveness, efficiency, emotional satisfaction and the quality of the relationship with the designer who created the product. So how can it be reached? It can be reached by doing User Experience Design. User Experience Design encompasses all aspects of the end-user’s interaction with the company, its services, and its products.

How Does It works?



The concept of User Experience Design is to create interaction based on what are the users needs (user centered). By doing these method, we can define and manage the strategy how to build user awareness, how to make the user consider, how to makes the user sign up, how to make the user keep and continue using the apps and also how to make the user be a brand advocates. (accommodate business goals) So at the end, it can create the positive perceptions in the user perspective and build the quality of relationship with the companies.



User Experience Design has more responsibility than User Interface Design. User Experience Design, starts by doing research of the target market / target user, then it will be implemented into User Interface Design. Yup, User Interface Design is a part of User Experience Design and also only the result of it. By doing User Experience Design at the beginning of the development, we make the User Interface more effective and efficient. The Content, Visual Design, Typography, User Interface, Information Architecture, Interaction Design, Functionality and also the Usability should be fitted to the user mindset. So it will help the user to accomplish their needs with ease. Once, the users needs are met and they  feel satisfied with the apps, it means that the apps has a good User Experience

Why Invest in User Experience Design?

1. Good UX = Good Business

User Experience will help the business to manage the best practices and the best strategy to achieve the goals and it will be delivered to be fitted to the user mindset and experience. Better  User Experience will ensure that the user to met their needs with ease. So the satisfied user more likely continues using your product and recommends it to their friends and family. According to research done by Forrester. Companies that has invested every dollar in User Experience Design brings 10.000 dollars in return.

2. Saving Time, Money and Resources.

User Experience Design make the product more effective, efficient. If you apply it into the project at the beginning of development, at least you don’t need to spend your money on a redesign, because redesign is expensive and takes much time. And also automatically, you will have the product that has an easy-to-learn design. So it will reduce the cost of ownership and support. You don’t need to spend a lot of money for documentation anymore.