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Our team is the best part of our company

VOX is an international mix of designers, developers, IT architects and analysts with a shared passion for people and technology. By using our big brains and boundless imagination, we develop smart solutions that make our customers smile.

The secret behind our first-class service? Our open working environment. Our Voxies work independently but can freely share ideas and feedback to improve the team. After work, we continue the team spirit over a drink or by organizing fun group events.

Last but not least, we’re conscious about our impact on the planet and are curious to hear proposals from our Voxies to give back to the earth.

Milestones of your onboarding
  • Good morning !

    Hi, welcome to VOX. Great to have you on board! Let’s get the paperwork out of the way, so we can get started on the fun stuff, such as meeting your new colleagues!

  • Get your stuff :)

    We give you all the necessary tools to shine as a Voxie, so you can start helping out customers.

  • The floor is yours

    After a small info dump, you’re completely up to date and ready to do what you do best.

  • Ready to celebrate

    The end of your first day, that flew by! Let’s go out for a delicious slice of pizza to celebrate it!

We take care of our employees so that they are in top shape to help out others.
Work hard, play hard

At VOX we make an effort to bond with colleagues company-wide through many offsite and onsite activities. We strengthen the ties of our Voxies by organizing regular group events, celebrations, or even spontaneous parties at the office. We’re always looking for opportunities to connect, from the smallest get-together to the biggest event.

Rewarding and compensation

Vox offers comprehensive health benefits,
green company cars and, depending on your country, a fitness subsidy program. Our Belgian colleagues will soon enjoy a flexible income plan as well. Finally, we’re happy to help out Voxies who want to explore new shores with an employee referral program.

Growth & Future

Working at VOX means having many career opportunities to fulfil your personal ambitions. We make every effort to help you show off all your skills. Starting in 2023 our personalised training program, Vox Academy, will kick off to train and help grow ambitious Voxies.

Relaxed Office

We work in a remote-friendly office environment. So, you can stay at home and work your IT magic from there. Or you can come to the office to think up creative solutions, get guidance or connect with colleagues in a fun and friendly atmosphere.
Our dress code is casual and our energy on point!

Eager to start at VOX?

We’re looking for people with a passion for technology and a drive to help out others. Your education and experience matter less to us than your willingness to learn. Sounds like a match?

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I like being able to work away from a desk, depending on what I'm doing, of course. It makes me more focused and productive.

Need that last push? Here are 6 irresistible reasons to work at VOX
  • As foodies, we love to eat out, from greasy tacos to healthy quinoa
  • Our team is multicultural and open-minded
  • We love rocking out to great music
  • Geeking out about IT is our second nature
  • Wearing your worn-out basketball t-shirt while working at home is strongly recommended
  • Many trainees still work at VOX (now they are being paid for it)

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