By January 4th 2017 1:53 pm

Altissia International has recently completed the commercial release of an innovative dictation software in collaboration with Vox Teneo.

Vox Teneo’s contribution to the collaboration involved the integration of newly developed APIs into several components of the application to handle authentication, user management and license management.  The project involved collaboration between two development teams in two separate companies. Simultaneous integration of complex components for the first time can often cause some bumps in the road.  To overcome these difficulties we had to work hard and always be synchronized.

On Vox Teneo’s side Ben was a Project Manager, Aleksandar a tech lead, Eva and Elena – Java developers

As a Project Manager, Ben did carry the responsibility for the successful completion of the project. He was coordinating the collaboration between the teams and making sure things run smoothly. Following the practices of Agile software development, where human interaction and working software come first he managed to overcome the difficulties and drive forward the project until it was deployed.

Aleksandar, an experienced Tech Lead, located in Vox Teneo’s Skopje office joined us just a few months back. He successfully lead the project thanks to his in depth enterprise solutions knowledge and diverse technological experience. In a team with the talented java developers Eva and Elena in just a few months the integration was complete.

The project has already received significant media coverage.