We are hiring! Entrepreneurs.

By July 11th 2016 2:57 pm
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photo by: DesignCue

Are you self driven?

If you happen to be a developer, working on your own startup idea and you believe in it so strong that you did not apply for an investment, than we are looking for you. And we don’t want to ask a share in your idea, but to offer you a job. Part time. A part time job that will help you cover your living costs while working on your prototype, MVP, or whatever your dream project looks like.


Why would we be interested in entrepreneurs?

People with ideas.

[Edit] Self driven people with *good* ideas and talent are rare.


And precious. Nowadays this type of people cannot be bought. The free and open world we live in gives too many opportunities for you to be captured by a house loan in a 35 year dull job. That’s why us, employers should be flexible with offers in order to attract the talented.


Why would you be interested in working for us?

It is very often a non sense for software developers to be working for somebody else. Why investing your time working for clients, while you can be creating “the next Instagram”, going to the beach, or dance, or sleep. The other side of the coin is that knowledge, inspiration and ideas are carried primarily by people. So working alone or with one or two people you already know so good is often not the best formula for self improvement. Environment is important.


What do we have to offer?

While freelancers usually end up working on “Home, About us, Contact us” pages, we work on projects that do actually challenge your mind and involve a more complex logic. The agile methodology applied in Vox Teneo and the best practices applied reflect the professional development of our employees.


We offer flexible working hours. And flexible amount of hours per week. Jumping on board with us will give you the freedom to continue working on your own project, ideas, bucket list or whatever you are involved with that makes you happy.


If you are interested, apply here: inform@voxteneo.com