We are opening in Sofia

By April 6th 2017 10:50 am

This spring we are opening doors in Sofia, Bulgaria to continue the expansion of the company in Eastern Europe. You can meet some of us at the Bulgarian Web Summit this weekend.


We build many small entities instead of one big enterprise


I am bulgarian myself, responsible for the development of Vox Teneo in Eastern Europe. We (kick) started the Macedonian branch of the company in 2014. Today we are a team of forty developers, located in a cozy house very close to the city center. Opening an office in Sofia is just a natural step in the fast paced growth of the company. We would like to preserve the culture of the “small team”, diversity and traveling that is why we are looking to respond to the ever increasing demand for people with more locations. I would never engage in managing a team of more than 50 people in one place, if you ever worked for a large company you will know what I am talking about. Today we can afford having flexible working hours, work from home policy and travel policy, because smaller entities are easier to manage and make all of this freedom possible.


We work towards a friendly atmosphere where knowledge flows freely instead of installing a strict training program


Rather than focusing on strict training program, my war is to keep the friendly atmosphere and flat structure where people feel safe and trusted and knowledge flows freely between the teams. I believe that no certification program can beat the natural mentoring through help in solving challenging problems. Taking advantage of training hours, attending conferences and e-learning platform accounts is of course a fact as well, but not the first in the priority list.


We don’t focus on the tools


We have teams working in many languages and technologies, but we try to keep the focus on five pillars (sounds religious, doesn’t it) and not on the programming language itself. I believe in this ever changing dynamic world it is important to keep our minds one abstract layer above the tools, hence we have put the focus of our thought on:




Quality Assurance

New Technology Adoption

User Experience


We are human-centered and try to develop the talents and potentials of everyone individually, giving him/her space rather than putting him/her in a strict matrix of rules. Sometimes it is hard to track one’s passion and performance without guidance, so we use a professional HR framework, that helps people self assess themselves. It focuses on both technical and soft skills and gives ideas for improvement. It is a tool, not a rule.


The plan for Sofia


The plan for the new office of Sofia is to attract rock-star web and mobile developers and build a team to reach maximum of forty people. The target of number of people is not constrained by time, because we are planning to only hire the best matching candidates, not fulfilling a quota. We already have two talented team members, who joined in March. As a start we will be located in Betahaus, on Krum Popov 56-58 str., Sofia 1421. If you are interested in joining the already growing team, please send me your CV – tanya@voxteneo.com