We care about our employees

By June 22nd 2018 10:10 am

This topic is no big news as we have mentioned it several times in posts such as “The real power: human being”. We believe that our strength at Vox Teneo as an employer is how we treat our employees.

As the local Administrative Assistant in Belgium and a member of our Marketing team I often reach out to candidates for recruitment purposes or am the contact person of current employees. To me it was obvious we needed to work on promoting our employer branding. Indeed while doing research on this topic, I realized we are already implementing a lot of actions for our employees’ well-being. Employer branding is the perfect match between Human Resources and Marketing. It consists of working on the image you project (both internally and externally of the company) as an employer.


Setting an example


With all that being said I will now share with you, our reader, what Vox Teneo does as an employer for its employees.

First I would like to claim that the following actions are not recent, but we are only starting to understand how they differentiate us from other employers. We now relize it is in our benefit to speak up about them to inspire other employers to act for the well-being of their employees. Like with our Be The Change campaign, we wish to spread the word out and encourage others on a positive note.

At Vox Teneo, the human is the center of our activities. We meet between our clients’ needs and requirements and our employees needs as well. We wish to offer each and everyone of our employees a comfortable and safe working environment.

We promote communication as we believe nothing can’t be resolved through a good talk. This is why as an international and multicultural company we encourage our employees to travel between our different offices located on several parts of the world. In addition to the working benefits for the company this provides an opportunity for our employees to travel, discover new countries and cultures and enriches them on a personal level.

Each office also organizes recurrent office events. For instance, in Belgium we organize monthly drinks. A moment we all share, but also an opportunity to connect with your colleagues differently and become aware of new topics our CEO, François Dupont, presents during his casual speech. When the Belgian weather allows it, the lunch office drinks take place in our garden. Another benefit for our employees.

Speaking of the green surrounding in Belgium, we offer our employees different benefits of it. The Belgian office located in a remote area surrounded by a big garden and tennis court allows us to have a vegetable garden, organize sports activities and so on. We often take our lunch break outside for instance or organize afterwork outdoor game activities.


Flat structure instead of hierarchical organization


At Vox Teneo, as mentioned previously here we apply a “horizontal hierarchy” or also known as “collaborative leadership”. This means that at Vox Teneo, everyone is treated in the same way, equally and with respect and recognition of the work for all positions . Many of our collaborators have often said this was a first for them in their experience while this comes naturally for us. We also give all our collaborators the freedom of investing themselves for work in other ways than only what is on their job description. We believe this is a motivational factor for our employees. We listen to them and adapt the responsibilities according to each and everyone individually.

On the long term all of this it keeps our workers happy to come to work every morning, and that is all that matters to us.

Our message to our employees is “we trust you and believe in you”.

Our message to our employer readers is “listen to your employees, you will learn a lot from them”.