We will be at the OVH World Tour!

By May 18th 2015 11:45 am
Vox Ovh website

DevOps in general and hosting in particular is one of Vox Teneo’s main concern. To provide our client with security, a stable environment and 24/7 monitoring.

This concern was noted, as we were chosen by OVH among all their partners to be part of the OVH World Tour! More specifically, we will be part of the event organized in Brussels the 22th of May, and present one of our realizations: Otakeys.

The World Tour itself started in February and will keep going until December in most of Europe and North America. In each country, OVH chooses a partner to accompany them in their specific organization in the country. As OVH puts it: “Our experts join forces to talk to you about your projects and introduce you to technical solutions which meet your needs. Professionals in all industries can benefit from feedback and talking to others about their business issues. The world tour is a special occasion for dialogue between OVH and its communities.

More information about the event can be found on the OVH website.