Do you work in the right company?

By October 18th 2016 3:00 pm
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A developer’s life is mostly a permanent learning curve.

First you learn the basic skills of software development at school. After that, at your first job, you acquire some knowledge of (good, hopefully) enterprise practices. Then you will have to learn new technologies and tools, almost every day, to keep up with an IT sector that moves faster than the light.

Who wants to code Turbo Pascal or GW-Basic as of today ?
And also, who would hire you to program those dinosaurs things ?



So, as a Developer, you will have to challenge yourself constantly,  during your whole career, to keep up to date with the market.

Therefore, It is very important to manage your career wisely, and make sure that learning and evolution are occupying a big place in it. Of course, you could always learn by yourself during evenings and weekends, but that’s not enough, and you need to get a private life too.
So, You should definitely acquire new skills at work.

As for latest technologies, best practices, architecture, unit testing, behavior driven development, DevOPS,…. And other cool stuffs, everyone always knows everything about it….
Yes, yes, blablabla!!!

When you ask who is really implementing it on real life projects, in professional applications…

Nobody, radio silence… sic!



You should evaluate your employer!

You should definitely evaluate any potential employer before applying for a position, to avoid being hired by a company that uses practices of last century, or one that will squeeze you like a lemon on doomed projects without any training program.

But how to evaluate a company? Some advanced tests and methodologies exist, but are quite complex and barely usable in this case. Here comes the Joel test.


The Joel test

From the author, Joel on Software:

The Joel test is a highly irresponsible, sloppy test to rate the quality of a software team


The joel test is a survey of 12 simple questions to roughly evaluate a software development company in 3 minutes. There are lots of discussions about this test on the Internet.

Of course, this is neither an exact science nor a precise rating system,

but, in my opinion, the score truly reflects the company’s culture and investment in modern software development practices.

See the details here.

Any software company should rank at least 10…
while most companies are getting … a horrible 2 or 3!

Do make the test right now!! How does your current employer rank??

  • Do you use source control?
  • Can you make a build in one step?
  • Do you make daily builds?
  • Do you have a bug database?
  • Do you fix bugs before writing new code?
  • Do you have an up-to-date schedule?
  • Do you have spec?
  • Do programmers have quiet working conditions?
  • Do you use the best tools money can buy?
  • Do you have testers?
  • Do candidates write code during their interviews?
  • Do you have hallway usability testing?



How does Vox Teneo rank?

At Vox Teneo, we are no exception, we started very low on the scale…

But with the good will and efforts of the whole company: management and developers, we improved a lot, and we are now proudly advertising a score of




Wait, there’s more, we have a 13th item in our Vox Test!

Our devs are also well… a little on the geek side sometimes, so we decided to add an extra item for them in the Joel test.

  • Are developers allowed to practice Nerf skills at the office?


What is a nerf ?


A nerf is a stress relieving, eye blinding, foam dart shooting toy



More info here.


 The Vox Teneo Nerf team

Live by the code, die by the nerf



This is what happen when a Project Manager asks the devs to deploy a production release on a Friday afternoon.

Deploy on Friday

A little more about Vox Teneo

Vox Teneo’s core business is the development and integration of web applications, for corporate clients and the public sector, featuring a lot of big names.

Our main value is “human”.
We wish to see happy people at the office, so we try to provide the best working conditions and interesting career evolution paths.

We operate a strong permanent training program (the Vox Academy),  that allows everyone to master the needed skills to fulfill his/her position, and also to acquire new competences.

We do also invest a lot in new technologies (lately we are quite hot on Xamarin) to propose efficient, modern solutions to the clients, and entertain our guys.

At production level, we make no compromise, and strive for best practices and architecture.
Test Driven Development is mandatory here, and we push it one step further with Business Driven Development, using automated functional testing.
We feature a full DevOPS department, to ensure Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment for all applications and technologies.


Wanna check if the grass is really greener @Vox ?

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