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At Vox, we connect with people, not just devices. Our IT experts are part of a close-knit team that overcomes its challenges through mutual support and motivation. Finding the right solution is the result of our combined brainpower and teamwork.

We’re able to apply our technical skills to any business situation, thanks to a business-savvy mindset. This allows us to develop cutting-edge ideas that make a lasting impact.



We’re dedicated to finding the perfect customized solution. We take great care to operate as promptly and efficiently as possible, so we can leave behind a Vox footprint to be proud of.

We pride ourselves on communicating honestly and openly with our customers and each other. We welcome feedback with open arms and use it to further improve our skillset.



We’re a warm community where everyone acknowledges and respects each other’s opinions and responsibilities. We grow and succeed as one and extend our connection through fun activities.

Do you share the same values ?